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The motion picture farce about the craziness of (ab-) use of cells,
the human’s best friends
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‘1983’:  A NASA-astronaut tests 'Phonee', a prototype of a very first, simple cellular phone, in outer-space.  As the phone malfunctions, the astronaut experiences a traumatic accident leaving him crippled ever since.  And - the incident threatens the further development of the new telecommunication-technology.


'Today’:  Phone-craziness all the time... and everywhere… until a sudden impact from space disables all and every cell.  How will mankind deal with this every fatal incident?



Three couples from around the world experience the very same 'phony'-life with their ever present digitality: a seasoned film star in Hollywood/USA and her cyber date in Zurich/Switzerland, two teenagers in the countryside of Trat/Thailand, and an ex-astronaut with a scientist in Sidney/Australia.  

Phone use is at its happiest.  Then, out of nowhere, all devices worldwide are hit by electricity - thus become unusable. 

Life on Earth breaks down. The consequences are profoundly dramatic - everybody has to rethink their daily life from new. Mankind seemingly has returned to stone-age...
...if it weren't for the phone-averse scientist finding the solution.  The Earthlings are back in full bliss...or aren't they...? 




1982:  A NASA-astronaut tests a brand-new cell-phone in outer-space.  Its primitive technology provokes a fatal accident, not only leaving him crippled but endangering the further fate of mobile-telephony.

2019:  Cell-phone-use is in full swing, being everybody’s best friend and steadiest of companion. 


In Sidney in exile, the lonely, embittered ex-astronaut has sold his soul to sexting - his only value in life.

Further, two love-couples represent people from different locations and cultures: An aged film-star from Hollywood with an everyday ’phony’ from Zurich; and from rural Thailand, a teenage farmer with a party-crazed from a slum-village.  As different their ages and environments might be, they all are entangled in the very same digitality. 

Suddenly and out of the blue, all cell-phones and computers on Earth are loaded with electricity – and become unusable.  At once, all earthling’s existence becomes dull. Gone is the superficial way of living, gone are anonymous manipulations. 

The ex-astronaut’s being become entirely meaningless.

Averse to cell-phones and computers, the actress and the farmer find rewarding expedients:  bringing ‘Hamlet’, newly incarnated as a female to the stage, respectively turning the barren farmland into a blooming paradise. These natural activities trouble their hi-tech partners even more so.  But then, they come to realize the chance of living genuinely, without digital interference - and join their lover’s calling.


An outer-space scientist finds the key of the ongoing digital disaster in the ex-astronaut’s accident back in 1982.  In order to prove her farfetched thesis, the dry scientist sacrifices herself and makes love with the old fart.  Suddenly, his theoretical sex-life turns to a thrilling act.  Right when the odd couple enjoys long neglected nature the most, the digitale ban stops - the scientist’s thesis has proven as correct.

The people celebrate as if been newborn. With a wider choice than ever, the ex-astronaut return to his basic instincts - the affection for his new girl friend is history.  


On the other hand, the two formerly addicted realize the unique opportunity of genuine harmony been given, thus reject the sweet temptation for good… or don’t they...?

Original Story & Screenplay by Roger Steinmann

© 2015-2019 Roger Steinmann



SUNSET International AG,
Winterthurerstrasse 629,
CH-8051 Zurich / Switzerland



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