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Main Cast of already filmed segments


Lead role as OSKAR DUMMERMUTH (Zurich-Segment)

Born 1969 in Bern, Switzerland.  

The versatile Swiss actor Pascal Ulli was seen in over 50 films, numerous stage productions and TV-shows.

Ulli studied acting study at the H.B.-Studio in New York under the direction of Uta Hagen. 


Due to his energetic and eccentric stigma of expressing himself in strong and difficult roles, he is often labeled as a reborn ‘Klaus Kinski’. 


Ulli was awarded as for ‘Most Promising European Actor’.  He got the 'Impulse Award' as actor/producer 1998 for 'Forever Godard' and was nominated in 2014 for the Swiss Film Award as best supporting actor for 'I Am the Keeper'.


Ulli is married and lives in Zurich and South-Germany.






Lead role as OY (Thai-Segment)

Born 1992 in Switzerland.

Selina is of Thai/Swiss nationality.  She has appeared in several features, commercials and TV-shows.

The younger as her real age looking beauty bears the unique mix of mature yet humorous acting – a talent not easy to encounter in Southeast Asia. 







Lead role as AUN (Thai-Segment)

Born 2000 in Bangkok, by a Thai mother and an Italian father.

Yuparaj’s nickname is ‘Film’ – not by coincidence: the camera naturally falls in love with ‘Film’ as he bears the natural talent of creating true emotions within a moment.  

PhonY-director Steinmann was quoted: ”In a crucial daylight-ending scene, with 25 minutes left to execute, ‘Film’ as the main focus in an extensive two-page-scene showed his stunning talent.  As this scene was a crucial turning in the story, ‘Film’ brilliantly succeeded – with only little rehearsal!  This newcomer has a bright acting future ahead.  Let’s hope he grasps when chances come along”.




Supporting role as TORASAB (Thai-Segment)

Born 1988 in Northeast Thailand.  


The massive though energetic character actor Banyong Phoonsab, aka ‘Otto’,

has only some few and featured roles on his belt, with PhonY being his first

major part.


Banyong’s naturally kind and soft temper were shifting in high gear with his personification as corrupt local phone-dealer.







Supporting role as SIR TT (Canadian-Segment)


Born 1957 in Basel.


With 17 years of age, young Gilles Tschudi went to the Schauspielakademie in Zurich.  Well-trained, he works since constantly on stage, film, TV, and commercials, in Switzerland and internationally, in lead and supporting roles – Tschudi’s life is acting.


Tschudi appeared in the European film ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ (2014) and was one of the leads in the long running Swiss TV-soap ‘Lüthi und Blanc’ (1999-2006).


In 2004, Tschudi was awarded the prestigious Swiss Film Prize for the ‘Best Performance in a

Supporting Role’.

Tschudi lives in the Swiss Jura and in Basel.  He is divorced and father of

five sons.








Writer, Producer, Director of 'PhonY'

Directing Mickey Rooney, Dee Wallace Stone, and Barbara Carrera

Born Nov 6, 1961 in Zurich/Switzerland, Steinmann began in 1969 with Super-8 shorts. Since then, he has written, directed and produced numerous motion pictures, documentaries, stage productions, and commercials; he has won awards, two shorts were broadcasted at the national Swiss TV.    

In 1991, Steinmann moved to Hollywood where he wrote and developed several screenplays for full length films aimed for a global audience.  

„ILLUSION INFINITY” aka „PARADISE“ was written by himself after his original story.  He directed and executive produced the 2004 US/Swiss film featuring Hollywood stars Dee Wallace Stone („E.T.“), Mickey Rooney (two time Academy Award winner), Timothy Bottoms (Golden Globe nominee), and Barbara Carrera (Bond-Girl in „Never Say Never Again“). 

Nobody else than six times Academy Award winner and 25 times nominee, writer/director Billy Wilder („Some Like It Hot“), encouraged him back in 1993 to revitalize screwball-comedies, prominently resulting in the current "PhonY", and the 2015-screenplay "LADIES FIRST", and 2014-rewrite „THE PARTYKILLERS“.





Production Designer, Production Consultant of 'PhonY'

Left: As Director of Photography with the unique 360° camera; and with Roger Steinmann

Born 1960 in Zurich.

After his education as display designer, Markus Imthurn turned to his lifelong passion film. 
When winning accolades with his teenage production HELIOS at the Swiss youth film festival in 1979,
he met Roger Steinmann with whom an instant friendship ensued. Over the years, the two collaborated frequently with each other, with Imthurn in the position of producer, director, screenwriter and director of photography. Over the years he carried out numerous projects for film, television and the stage, for advertising and documentation, for interactive media, and the game world – of some won international awards.


Imthurn was trained by his lifelong mentor, twice OSCAR winner Ernst A. Heiniger, nature film director for Walt Disney Productions, and acknowledged refiner of the 360° camera-film system.

Imthurn lives in the Swiss, Jura and is married and has two children.





Pascal Ulli

...Oskar Dummermuth (Swiss segment)

Gilles Tschudi

...Sir TT (Canadian segment)

Selina Wiesmann

...Oy (Thai segment)

Yuparaj Toasalea

...Aun (Thai segment)

Banyong Phoonsap

...Torasab (Thai segment)

Nittaya Pitabud

...Kondee (Thai segment)

Wattana Chumtong

...Kondee (Thai segment)

Arunothai Pattagoree

...Aun's Customer #1

Apatsara Niamha

...Aun's Customer #2

Regula Suter-Droz

...Grumpy Woman (Swiss segment)

Kittipong Rodphachon

...Gang-Ladyboy Jamese (Thai segment)

Vannapoom Songsupap

...Gang-Boy Boom (Thai segment)

Maneemuntra Sukheerichot

...Gang-Girl Jida (Thai segment)

Penthai Rakangthong

...Gang-Boy Guy (Thai segment)

Alex Vanlier

...Gang-Boy Alex (Thai segment)

Patcharapon Ketkeaw

...Gang-Boy architect (Thai segment)

Wirakul Boonkhan

...Gang-Girl Chomphu (Thai segment)

Jidapa Jirapas

...Gang-Girl Phar (Thai segment)

Napitcha Pintoteerachod

...Gang-Girl Angie (Thai segment)

Jakkrit Sekuldech

...Gang-Boy Bank (Thai segment)

Napat Satawiwat

...Gang-Boy Nap (Thai segment)

Detlef Wesphal

...Henry, the gunman (Thai segment)

Montserrat Llorens Canal

...Heather, gunman's wife (Thai segment)

Wittaya Khaemkam

...Mafia Henchman #1 (Thai segment)

Jaroon Buakeaw

...Mafia-Henchman #2 (Thai segment)

Apisit Jangjagon

...Oy's Uncle #1 (Thai segment)

Kumpol Kittiprayoon

...Oy's Uncle #2 (Thai segment)

Vopadol Pinyoteerachod

...Poan's husband (Thai segment)

Korapak Pinyoteerachod

...Poan (Thai segment)


Directed by

Roger Steinmann



Written by

Roger Steinmann

...(original story & sreenplay)



Produced by

Roger Steinmann


Editorial Department

Raoul Meier

...editorial consultant

Günther Neumann coordinator


Casting By

Sirikhuan Wanmuntrie

...(Thai casting)

Gerald I. Wolff

...(u.s casting)


Production Design by

Markus Imthurn


Art Direction by

Seraina Bauert

...(Swiss & Thai shoot)


Makeup Department

Chontap Choochot artist: Thai shoot


Anita Meier stylist: Swiss shoot


Chare Muenkaeo

...key hair stylist: Thai shoot


Odile Orler artist: Swiss shoot


Mayuree Pumjumpa stylist: Thai shoot


Production Management

Luigi A. Fischer

...production manager: Swiss shoot


Ed Polgardy

...production manager: Los Angeles Shoot


Sukan Saengthi

...production supervisor: Thai shoot


Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Jason Laville

...second second assistant director: Thai shoot


Pinyoteerachod Seytuch

...second second assistant director: Thai shoot


Sirikhuan Wanmuntrie

...second assistant director: Thai shoot


Russel Young

...third assistant director: Thai shoot


Art Department

Win Myo Mg

...set dresser: Thai shoot


'Charly' Pai Oo

...assistant art director: Thai shoot


Phyo 'Johnny' Ye Pai

...assistant art director: Thai shoot


Warawut Pattagaree

...set dresser: Thai shoot


Sound Department

Markus Wipf

...sound recordist: Swiss shoot



Kowit Kaewpakpin

...elephant trainer: Thai shoot


'Charly' Pai Oo

...stunt driver: Thai shoot


Camera and Electrical Department

Reinhold Briegel

...key grip: Swiss & Thai shoot


Basil Childers operator: "b" camera, Thai shoot


Roy B. David assistant: "b" camera, Thai shoot


Yan Frame

...aerial photography & "c"-camera: Thai shoot


Brian D. Goff operator: "a" camera, Swiss & Thai shoot


Daryl Goff assistant: "a" camera, Swiss & Thai shoot


Hunter Hughes

...gimbal operator: Thai shoot


Rafael Koller

...second unit camera: swiss documentary footage


Thodsapon Reandara

...electrician: Thai shoot


Roger Steinmann

...2nd unit camera: global documentary footage


Apiwat Thongyoun

...still photographer: Thai shoot


Roni Ulmann

...gaffer & aerial photography: Swiss shoot


Casting Department

Pongsakron Limtrakul

...casting assistant: Thai shoot


Costume and Wardrobe Department

Catherine Costa Fusca

...costume assistant: Thai shoot


Korapak Pinyoteerachod

...costume assistant: Thai shoot


Sirikhuan Wanmuntrie

...costume supervisor: Thai shoot


Location Management

Phyo 'Johnny' Ye Pai

...locations scout: Thai shoot


Transportation Department

Chaiwat Papanai

...production driver: Thai shoot


Somchai Sukkammuang

...driver (Thai segment)


Jarin Wachirawarakarn

...production driver: Thai shoot


Other crew

Russell Geoffrey Banks

...continuity: Thai shoot

Cornelia Bucheli

...production assistant: Swiss shoot

Montserrat Llorens Canal

...production assistant: Thai shoot


Daniel Hoeltschi

...creative consultant

Daniela Kastelan

...production secretary

Pupae Kitty Sankaew

...production assistant: Thai shoot

Herbert Orler

...production assistant: Swiss shoot

Michael Oswald

...executive: administration

Nana Paweena

...caterer: Thai shoot

Daniel Perretta

...production assistant: Swiss shoot

Norbert Preuss

...creative consultant

Aun Surachet

...production secretary: Thai shoot

Beau Wijittra

...production coordinator: Thai shoot