Writer, Producer, Director of PhonY

Directing Mickey Rooney, Dee Wallace Stone, and Barbara Carrera

Born Nov 6, 1961 in Zurich/Switzerland, Steinmann began in 1969 with Super-8 shorts. Since then, he has written, directed and produced numerous motion pictures, documentaries, stage productions, and commercials; he has won awards, two shorts were broadcasted at the national Swiss TV.    

In 1991, Steinmann moved to Hollywood where he wrote and developed several screenplays for full length films aimed for a global audience.  

„ILLUSION INFINITY” aka „PARADISE“ was written by himself after his original story.  He directed and executive produced the 2004 US/Swiss film featuring Hollywood stars Dee Wallace Stone („E.T.“), Mickey Rooney (two time Academy Award winner), Timothy Bottoms (Golden Globe nominee), and Barbara Carrera (Bond-Girl in „Never Say Never Again“). 

Nobody else than six times Academy Award winner and 25 times nominee, writer/director Billy Wilder („Some Like It Hot“), encouraged him back in 1993 to revitalize screwball-comedies, prominently resulting in the current "PhonY", and the 2015-screenplay "LADIES FIRST", and 2014-rewrite „THE PARTYKILLERS“ .





  • Rudimentary TEASER of the Swiss-US motion picture 'PhonY' - only from its to 60% shot  Swiss, Canadian and Thai-segments, and only from its non-narrative action-moments

  • The remaining 40%, the US-segment, were scheduled for principale photography with five-year-world-star-number-one Burt Reynolds

  • But a mere month before shooting started, the screen-legend passed away - the PhonY-production was disrupted

  • Among others, Arnold Schwarzenegger, below with Burt, is interested to take over the role.  Here Arnold's tribute upon his friends demise

  • The filming of the remaining 40% is scheduled this autumn/winter in Hollywood; depending on the actual progress of recasting and final financing

  • Chance to divers your money: INVEST in PhonY - more information here

  • Cast and Crew of the yet 60% already filmed, officially listed on IMDB



Production Designer / Consultant of PhonY

As Director of Photography at the unique 360° camera; and with Roger Steinmann

Born 1960 in Zurich.

After his education as display designer, Markus Imthurn turned to his lifelong passion film.  When winning accolades with his teenage    production HELIOS at the Swiss youth film festival in 19.., he met Roger Steinmann with whom an instant friendship ensued. Over the years, the two collaborated frequently with each other, with Markus in the position of producer, director, screenwriter and director of photography. Over the years he carried out numerous projects for film, television and the stage, for advertising and documentation, for interactive media, and the game world – of some won international awards.

Imthurn was trained by his lifelong mentor, twice OSCAR winner Ernst A. Heiniger, nature film director for Walt Disney Productions, and acknowledged refiner of the 360° camera-film system.

Imthurn lives in the Swiss Jura and is married; two children.