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PhonY  is an upcoming Swiss-Hollywood motion picture farce-comedy,
set for release in 2020.

TEASER #1  from the 60% existing footage only:

Introduction of the topic by focusing on action-driven moments.

TEASER #2  entire Scenes 4 & 5
Only with primary sound and visuals, and some pick-ups still to be done.

DEMO-REEL #3 featuring rudimentary edited short scenes and clips
throughout of the existing footage. 

Contact us for its link.

With 60% of PhonY yet executed in Switzerland and Thailand, the remaining part was scheduled in Hollywood, with five-year-world-star-number-one Burt Reynolds in the lead.  But a mere month before the filming, the screen legend passed away.

As Reynolds replacement, an impressive list of stars is interested by now. 
For this role’s counter-part, another well-known face is being casted. And in the role of a Hollywood-actress, a third well-recognizable name is lined-up in PhonY.     

A good part of the financing of this efficiently produced low-budget feature is present.  Interested in high ROI? Ask here for more information.


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