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PhonY  is an upcoming Swiss-Hollywood motion picture farce-comedy,
set for release in 2020.

PhonY, the feature about the (ab-)use of cell phones, bears the unusual concept of being told in interweaving segments located in five countries.

The segments playing in Switzerland, Thailand and Canada were already filmed in spring 2018.














The segments in Los Angeles and Australia were scheduled for October 2018.  But on September 6, a mere month before the filming had to start in Hollywood, PhonY’s lead actor,  the five-time-world-star-number-one-screen-legend Burt Reynolds passed away.












This incident has left PhonY  to only 60% filmed.   However, as this production is uniquely filmed in segments, the existing footage represents completed segments, the difficult all-exterior segments. 

The 40% remaining segments call for the well-known Hollywood names.  Being mostly interior, these are easier and less risk-bound to achieve.











With Golden Globe-winner Elke Sommer’s commitment to participate, pre-production went underway for the Los Angeles-segment (one of the two remaining segments) to be filmed April 14 - 24, 2020 in Thailand’s Phuket (doubling for California).

Though, as the current Corona-crisis has imposed severe restrictions, the April-filming was postponed first to May 18 - 28, and then finally to June 9 - 19, 2020.  But eventually, due to the imposed travel- and immigration-restrictions, Ms. Sommer was not able to join filming, and only some additional scenes of the Thai-segment along some 2nd Unit were able to be achieved, by employing local (Thai-)cast and crew.

Once the lockdown of filming is lifted, the production of the remaining two segments will be undertaken at once- in Hollywood, or else.

Then...the problem-laden production of PhonY will come to a final Happy End, and we may proudly present this truly unusual work of film - right in the mold of the 2020-Best Film of the Year 'Parasite' .  A  number of striking resemblances such as low-budget and a farce-comedy are being explained here.

Burt Reynolds portrait III  200420.jpg

Best  Academy  Award  Winner of 2020

  bears some  striking  similarities  with  'PhonY' 

check out our analysis between 'PhonY' and 'Parasite'


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